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JustConnect (Pty) Ltd ensures that business and private users choose the right internet connectivity & communication requirements. Our internet connectivity options include:

On the communication side we offer:


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ADSL, iBurst, 3G,  VoIP - it all gets so confusing.  Don't you sometimes wish there was someone impartial to guide you through the minefield to find the RIGHT solution for your internet and communication needs - someone who won't cost you a fortune either? 

JustConnect has helped over 800 customers make the right decision. Our agents will visit you on-site, determine the service that is best for you and assist you to get setup. If you require VoIP, networking or a fax to email solution, we can help you with that too. 

We have representatives in most major centres in SA, including Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Midrand and Pretoria. We pride ourselves on our service levels with a commitment to ensuring that our customers always feel satisfied. Feel free to contact us for answers to your questions. For quick and effective service at the right price, don’t wait – JustConnect!