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iBurst modem types

iBurst has several different modem options to suit your exact needs.

Modem type

Suitable for

Powered by



Desktop (UTD)


Laptops, desktops, routers. Separate power supply  The most versatile router and the one to use if you intend to share your connection.  Has the best reception due to large built-in antenna. iburst desktop modem

Laptop (PCMCIA)


Laptops with PC card slot PC Card slot on laptop Only works with laptops with PC Card slot. iburst laptop modem (utc)



Works with any computer with a USB port USB port on computer Works with computers with a USB port.  Will NOT work with routers that have a USB port intended for memory stick. iburst usb modem (utu)

PC Express


Laptops that have a PC Express card slot. PC Express card slot on laptop. Most of the newer laptops now have PC Express card slots. iburst pc express modem (ute)



Self standing - can be connected to computer or router via ethernet cable. Separate power supply Combination phone and modem for iCall voice over IP service.  Also has good reception. iburst webphone (utv)


Operating system compatibilty

Drivers are available for the following operating systems:

  • Windows Vista, XP, 2000 and 98 second edition. 
  • Apple MAC OS X and later.


To download drivers for your modem, please click here.

To download firmware for your modem, please click here.

To download the latest version of the iBurst Dashboard, please click here.


For other operating systems such as LINUX, users should elect to use a UTD or UTV as these devices have an ethernet port and users can set up a PPPoE connection to get online.